Frequently asked questions

#1 What is a handcrafted turning? A handcrafted turning is a project that is made on a lathe by a craftsman using hand tools to form a shape while the machine spins the wood. This method of turning objects from rectangular to round has been used for hundreds of years to make furniture parts, bowls, platters and - in fact - anything round in shape.

Note: No two pens are exactly alike. They are unique and beautiful by nature.

#2 What is Burl Wood? Burl (lignotuber - from the Latin for "woody swelling") is a large, dense, heavy, frequently gnarly outgrowth on trees whose fancy, compressed grain figures, when sliced, make them ideal for exotic wood veneers; commonly used as decorative material on the finest of wood products

#3 Can you make a custom pen for me? Yes. If you know what style of pen you want and what kind of wood or celluloid you would like I can create a special order for you. (See my email on our contact page)

#5 Do you make other items? Yes. I turn custom game calls, letter openers, furniture parts, bowls, urns... Just to name a few. See my "Gallery" page for pictures of other items I have worked on.

#6 What is Celluloid? Celluloid is a plastic material that can have mixed colors to create a multitude of designs and patterns

#7 Are you affiliated with ? No. This site has nothing to do with our site. Our domain FantasticPens has been around for over a year and is dedicated to handcrafted pens


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