So what is the difference in the pen styles?

      Statesman Pen       Jr. Gentleman's Pen




Statesman Pen:  Approximately 5 3/4" long - 2.8oz (weight)

Jr. Gentlemen's Pen:  Approximately 5 " long - 1.7oz (weight)

The most obvious difference in the premium pens is the size and the weight. While both pens have a very durable finish the Statesman Pen has the most brilliant rhodium finish and 22k bands and end caps. The Jr. Gentleman's Pen comes in both rhodium or 10k gold finish.


Other Pens:

Presidential Pen:  Approximately 5 1/2" long - .9oz (weight)

SlimLine Pen:  Approximately 5 " long - .8oz (weight)




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