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  • Looking for unique gift ideas? Whether you are a collector of fine writing instruments or you are looking for an amazing gift, FantasticPens is a website you have to visit! Handcrafted wood turnings using exotic hardwoods found in various places all over the world.
  • The stunning blend of insets and accent band combined with the Rhodium plated components make a distinctive pen of unrivalled beauty.
  • The Jr. Gentleman's Pen raises the bar for smaller premium pens and will continue to do so by offering quality, style and function unmatched by others.
  • The enviable balance and "all business" appearance of the Presidential Pen make it a popular model.
  • The most obvious difference in the premium pens is the size and the weight. While both pens have a very durable finish the Statesman Pen has the most brilliant rhodium finish and 22k bands and end caps. The Jr. Gentleman's Pen comes in both rhodium or 10k gold finish.
  • What is Burl Wood? Burl is a large, dense, heavy, frequently gnarly outgrowth on trees whose fancy, compressed grain figures, when sliced, make them ideal for exotic wood veneers; commonly used as decorative material on the finest of wood products
  • Below are some interesting facts about some of the wood you will find on my site.
  • Turning on a lathe was really fun and very satisfying. Now I try to turn all kinds of things, including pens. Below are some of my projects. I hope you find them interesting....
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